Want to try the MOST comfortable contact lens you have ever tried? Come See us and trial the new Total 1 Dailies spherical or multifocal. You WON'T regret it! 

Our on-site technicians can easily make any adjustments to make sure your new frames fit you perfectly.

We’re the Dickinson County Area’s exclusive carrier of the following frames:

  • Oakley

  • Jimmy Choo

  • Marc Jacobs

  • Leon Max

  • Hugo Boss

  • Juicy Couture

  • Banana Republic

  • Columbia


The Area's Largest Frame Selection

We carry a HUGE selection of eyeglass frames, and many of our brands are available ONLY at Norway Eye Care.

With over 1,000 frames in our Norway showroom, you’re sure to find a pair of frames that make you look terrific.

Designer Frames

You don't have to drive to the big city to find Boutique quality optical selection. Our office offers high end designer frames that you will find nowhere else in Dickinson County.


Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses by Oakley, Columbia, BeBe, Juicy and many more.

Rx sunglasses start at $129

Non-Rx sunglasses starting at $85

Quality Frames and Lenses for all Budgets

Single Vision frames and lenses starting at $109

Lined Bifocals starting at $169

Progressive Bifocals starting at $269


Contact Lens Services

At Norway Eye Care we offer an extensive selection of Contact Lens options. From traditional soft and rigid lenses to single use daily replacement lenses. Due to the volume of patients we see, contact lens companies trust our office with their newest technology. This means we can fit YOU with the best contact lenses available well before they will be offered at other locations.

Brands include: Acuvue, Ciba, Bausch and Lomb, Cooper etc 

Single use soft contacts are fast becoming the most popular type of lenses 

Single use soft contacts are fast becoming the most popular type of lenses 

Specialty Lens fitting

We are also proud to offer specialty lens fitting for Corneal issues such as Keratoconus, Corneal Transplants, post refractive surgery, severe dry eye, and high astigmatism. 

Lenses we often use in specialty cases are Synergeyes Ultrahealth, Dyna Intra limbal, Boston Envision, and multiple Scleral lens options