Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a result of retinal atrophy in the area responsible for central vision. There are two kinds of macular degeneration; dry and wet. The dry form results in atrophy of the outer retinal layers whereas wet is caused by fluid leakage from new blood vessel growth under the macular area. Dry macular degeneration usually progresses slower than wet, but can still cause major vision compromise. Unfortunately, treatment options for dry macular degeneration are limited but many studies have been done on vitamin supplementation such as anti oxidants and lutein.

These have been shown to slow the progression of mild and moderate dry macular degeneration. Wet macular degeneration has several treatment options which are geared towards reducing leakage from blood vessels. These treatments generally do not improve vision but are intended to maintain current visual capacity. Risk factors include genetics, smoking, UV light exposure, and diets low in carotenoids (found in dark leafy greens).

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